Or why bother making a company at all.

In a way TimeTask is an all-in-one calendar, to-do list, time tracker & project management app, but I prefer to see it as a self-coaching tool that gives you the super power of unfiltered vision to the reality of how you use your time.

My mission is to build the best tool for you to plan, execute and evaluate your work. To assist you in allocating your energy to best support your ambitions . To give you the honest truth about the magnitud & quality of your efforts. To help you focus on the task at hand. To be the place where you fall back when you need to get back on track.

The core design principles that shape TimeTask are freedom & simplicity. Freedom to let you organize yourself how ever you see fit, offering tools and not imposing a particular time, task or life management style. Simplicity by making sensible software design decisions that guide you to focus on the right things.

TimeTask is for those who dare to design their life and are ready to fight the good fight.

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